Dental Hygiene Services

Strong and healthy teeth and gums are the foundation of a great smile.

Using the latest dental techniques and equipment, our hygienists offer a range of dental hygiene services to protect your mouth and ensure a healthy, radiant smile. Our hygiene services are intended to prevent and treat dental health problems. Our Oral health Educators also provide advice about healthy eating, giving up smoking, brushing techniques and oral hygiene products and teeth sealants.

In addition to looking after your oral hygiene, our hygienists can also help you to achieve a great looking smile using teeth whitening.

Your Hygienist Visit

The hygienist will examine your gums for any early signs of gum disease or gum recession, check that your tooth enamel is healthy and locate any areas of tarter and plaque build-up. The hygienist will then give your teeth a professional scale and polish, removing tarter and plaque, especially from those areas it’s not always easy to reach or see. When completed, this not only makes your teeth feel nice and smooth, it helps to remove any stains and reduces the build-up of bacteria.

Direct Access Hygienist Services

Direct Access Hygienist services are available at Alpha House Dental Practice. This means that you can visit our hygienist without being registered with a dentist. Please call our reception team or submit an online form if you would like further information or to book an appointment

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Everyone in this practice is very friendly and caring, from the reception staff, dental nurses and hygienists through to Mr Hussain, who I believe provides state of the art treatment in a very sympathetic and unhurried manner.

It is definitely a practice where the patient comes first, and I have been delighted with all the work I have had done, which has included crowns and an implant. I would recommend Mr Hussain and his team to anyone concerned about taking care of their teeth.


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