Alpha House Emergency Dentistry

Accidents happen sometimes, and pain can come about when we least expect it.

If you suffer from a dental emergency, you should seek professional help as quickly as possible. That is why here at Alpha House Dental Practice, we offer emergency dental treatment to everyone – even those not registered with us.

Dental emergencies may include:

    • Teeth missing due to being knocked out in an accident
    • Toothache
    • Swelling
    • Loose veneers, crowns or bridges
    • Bleeding in the mouth
    • Broken teeth
    • Jaw pain

If you have an urgent dental problem, call us as early in the day as possible for an emergency appointment.

The NHS also provides 'Dentaline', an emergency dental service (evenings and weekends only) and they can be contacted on 01634 890300.

Temporary pain relief

We endeavour to see patients with dental emergencies as soon as possible, but we recommend the following methods to provide temporary pain relief until you get to see our emergency dentists.


If you have a toothache that continues to get worse, rinse your mouth with warm water, holding the water over the effected area. Over the counter pain relief tablets can often reduce the pain of toothache, take the advice of a pharmacist on the best way to manage this and contact the practice at the earliest convenience.

Bleeding in the mouth/ Traumatic damage

If your mouth is bleeding due to an accident, hold a cold compress over the affected area and apply pressure for 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. If a tooth has been knocked out the best thing to do is to place it back in the socket and seek help from a dentist immediately. If this is not possible avoid handling the root and place it in fresh milk. Do not wash the root or allow it to dry out. Time is of the essence here and seek dental care immediately.

Jaw pain

Jaw pain can be caused by different factors including clenching and grinding the teeth or trauma to the jaw bone itself. If in doubt seek help as soon as possible.

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Positive: Patient, Caring

Having come to Dr Hussain after a very bad experience elsewhere, I was very nervous at the beginning. I was recommended by a friend, who has been going to him for years, and that was the initial reason for choosing Dr Hussain. Having been there now for just over a year, I would not consider going anywhere else. He is very patient, caring and thorough in even the most complex case. A huge thank you.

Mrs A

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