Gum Health

Maintaining Healthy Gums

Good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy gums and the best weapon against gum disease. Brushing, rinsing and flossing removes plaque from the mouth to help prevent both tooth decay and gum disease. Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are also essential. We offer a full range of dental hygiene services and can provide advice about brushing techniques and oral hygiene products.

What Is Periodontal ‘Gum’ Disease?

Periodontal Disease or ‘Gum’ Disease is a very common condition in which the gums and deeper supporting structures become red and inflamed. The mild form of gum disease is called gingivitis and can cause swelling, soreness and bleeding, especially after tooth brushing. It can usually be treated effectively through cleaning treatments and good oral hygiene. However, if left untreated it can develop into periodontal disease and become more difficult to treat.

What Causes Periodontal ‘Gum’ Disease?

The condition may be caused by a number of different factors including genetics, illness and poor oral hygiene. Left untreated, progression of this disease leads to the loosening and potential loss of the teeth.

Why Would You Need Periodontic Treatment?

Periodontic treatment is recommended for patients with more advanced periodontal (gum) disease and who may be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Red, swollen, tender or bleeding gum
  • Deep pockets around the teeth
  • Loose or moving teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity to heat/cold
  • Receding gums around the teeth (teeth look longer)
  • Missing teeth
  • Bad breath or bad taste
  • Spaces between the teeth

How Can A Specialist Periodontist Help You?

Many people suffer from a mild form of periodontal disease. Whilst good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist can result in significant improvements to the gum condition, you may wish to refer more complex or severe cases to our clinic to determine the extent and severity of periodontal disease.

If you require treatment or advice for your gum condition, your dentist will make a referral to a Specialist Periodontist. You may also contact us directly to arrange a consultation.

SIMPLY PERIODONTICS is a dedicated service based at the practice provided by Bobby Varghese, specialist in periodontics.

If you would like further information please call us on 01843 842306 or complete and submit the online form.

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I was absolutely terrified of dentists in general before visiting the Alpha House Dental Practice - I would physically shake with fear. Unfortunately I developed a painful abscess and looked for a local dental surgery to me. All I can say is that I feel so lucky to be a patient of the Alpha House Dental Surgery. Mr Hussain is a wonderful dentist - caring, gentle and understanding.

He understood my fears and did his best to put me at ease. The whole team at Alpha House are excellent, second to none, and all are extremely caring and kind. For anyone with a fear of dentists please go and visit Alpha House to see Mr Hussain and his lovely team. It doesn't feel like any dental surgery I have ever visited before. You really will be in the safest hands. Thank you to you all!
We were most impressed by the way in which you and your team handled every aspect of the job down to keeping our 2 year old son entertained it made the whole thing a pleasurable experience.


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