These are the last teeth to develop and will often cause no problems during their eruption. However, for some people the development of wisdom teeth can be painful owing to a lack of space in the jaw.

About wisdom teeth

They are the last teeth to develop in the human mouth, located in the rear of the mouth with one in each corner. Wisdom teeth usually start to erupt between seventeen and twenty-five years of age, although this varies from case to case.

Wisdom teeth are often associated with painful symptoms, but they do not always cause difficulties. If there is sufficient room for the teeth to develop and grow fully, there should be no issue but for the mild pain of tooth eruption. Problems will only arise if there is insufficient space and the tooth becomes impacted.

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

It is a tooth that grows at an angle as a result of insufficient space being available in the jaw. If there is no room for the tooth to grow it will stick to the neighbouring tooth and grow at an angle. Impacted teeth can be painful and often require tooth extraction.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The extraction of wisdom teeth is fairly common and may be performed if the tooth is rotten, partly erupted and not enough space is available in the jaw for the tooth to develop normally. Impacted wisdom teeth can also require extraction.

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