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Special Offers

Phillips Zoom Power Whitening
Whole mouth bleaching is £475.
This is a professional in-chair treatment carried out by the Dental Hygienist.

Phillips Zoom Day White Take Home Whitening
Whole mouth bleaching is £250 and includes the initial check-up.

These special offers are for a limited period only. Please contact the practice for further details.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening (sometimes referred to as bleaching) is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments and it's easy to see why:

  • Enhanced smile brightness
  • Eradicates staining and reduces teeth discolouration
  • Risk free
  • Painless and stress free
  • Prolonged effects in comparison to shop bought treatments
  • Works to brighten natural tooth shade

This simple treatment requires no invasive methods, is pain-free and lightens up your teeth in no time at all giving you a brighter and whiter smile that will you be proud to show off.

Which Treatment should I choose?

At Alpha House Dental Practice we offer two teeth whitening treatments. A professional dentist-prescribed take home whitening treatment and the latest Philips Zoom whitening system that is carried out in the dental chair using WhiteSpeed lamp. Both methods have produced great results for many of our patients.

Before any treatment is prescribed, we will carry out an assessment of your mouth to ensure that you are suitable for teeth whitening. It is important to note that if you have any fillings, crowns or veneers that these will not change colour with tooth whitening and may need to be replaced at a later stage to match the colour of your whiter natural teeth.

Whitening techniques will vary with every individual depending on:

  • The type of stain on your teeth
  • Where the stain is located
  • The amount of time the whitening gel is used
  • The peroxide concentrate in the whitening gel
  • The intensity of the light activating the whitening gel.

Phillips Zoom Day White Take Home Whitening

What does home treatment involve?

Once we have examined your mouth we take a mould of your teeth and use this to make a bespoke whitening tray for your teeth, which fits over your teeth like a glove. The first application is administered at the practice. We then provide you with a professional teeth-whitening gel, which you use at home in combination with the trays to whiten your teeth. We recommend that you wear the trays daily until your teeth have reached their desired shade.

Your teeth will be brighter and whiter, but we advise you to avoid cigarettes and some pigment-rich foods for a few days after a professional whitening treatment.

Phillips Zoom Power Whitening

What does treatment involve?

This is a professional in-chair treatment that takes approximately one hour. Whitening agent is applied to the teeth and then activated using an LED light from a WhiteSpeed lamp. This lightens the shade of the teeth considerably and does not require any recovery time.

Zoom! Whitening is not painful and there is no need for any injections. You simply lie back in the chair and relax. There is no need to take time out for recovery and you can get back to your normal routine straight away. You may experience mild sensitivity after treatment, but this should wear off quickly. The majority of patients experience a slight to nonexistent amount of discomfort during treatment. The aftercare instructions are also very clear; you simply need to steer clear of foods rich in pigments and drinks such as red wine for a maximum of one week. In order to further enhance the results, we will give you your own tailor made whitening trays and other items in a 'touch-up' package.

Using this system, your teeth will be a minimum of three shades lighter and a maximum of up to eight shades lighter. Thanks to its instant results, Zoom teeth whitening is the perfect option if you wish to immediately brighten your smile before weddings and special events. It is also a popular lunchtime treatment for many people working in the area.

Teeth Whitening - Recent Legislation

On 31 October 2012, the law relating to teeth whitening changed. Under the new regulations only dental practitioners can purchase teeth whitening products containing or releasing up to 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Here at Alpha House we are fully compliant with all government guidelines and have the latest, approved bleaching system.

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