Dr Mubariz Hussain is a Dental Phobia Certified
dentist Click Here to verify.

Here at Alpha House, we understand that patients may feel extremely anxious or nervous about making a visit to the dentist and undergoing dental treatment. We understand that it may have taken a frightened person days or even weeks to pluck up the courage to make an appointment. We would like to help you to deal with your fear and ensure that you receive appropriate dental care.

How we treat anxious or nervous patients is tailored to the individual. There is no 'one size fits all' strategy. All fears are personal and unique in the minds of the sufferer and every attempt is made to make the solutions and management personal and unique.

  • We can introduce you to our in house hypnotherapist who can work with you to create a better way of managing your fear. This has proven benefits with patients who are open to this approach. This enables you to acquire a 'psychological toolbox' of techniques that you can employ to ease your stress. For some people this approach can be transformational.
  • We can offer light oral sedation to help keep you calm prior to treatment.
  • For the truly phobic, we have the services of a consultant anaesthetist who administers deep I.V. Sedation, which will feel similar to a GA. It is commonplace to wean even the most phobic patient off the IV sedation over a short period time.

Speak to our Practice Receptionist about your fear. She will suggest that you visit the practice, perhaps to look around first or for an informal chat with Mr Hussain or even for an examination - whatever suites you. You are welcome to bring someone with you, who can stay with you through any part of the conversation.

Our reception and waiting areas are 'soft' and non-dental in feel, smell or appearance and we try and make it as non threatening an environment as possible. We try and ensure that we don't have multiple patients waiting, no dental sounds are audible there is ample non-dental, current reading material.

We are happy and proud to say that we have countless 'reformed' nervous patients who come to Alpha House Dental Practice.

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