At Alpha House Dental Practice your health and safety are top of our list of priorities. We use the latest technology and equipment to prevent cross-infection and work to maintain a clean, healthy environment. We abide by national guidelines for infection control and all our members of staff are fully trained in infection control and hygiene.

Sterilised Room

We understand that patients may be concerned about the spread of infections and illnesses, making it our priority to adhere to the latest guidelines and policies issued by national governing bodies and authorities. Our team meets on a regular basis to discuss infection control protocol and there are stringent processes in place for the safety of our staff and clients.

Gloves and Masks

All members of our clinical team wear disposable gloves and masks when treating patients. A new pair of gloves and a mask are used for the treatment of each individual patient.


We comply with the latest sterilisation guidelines set out by the Department of Health, ensuring the disinfection of all instruments and dental equipment. An autoclave is used to sterilise all dental instruments after each patient's treatment. Instruments are cleaned using chemical disinfectors prior to sterilisation for optimum standards of infection control. Dental equipment unable to be sterilised using an autoclave, such as the dental chair, are disinfected chemically between every patient. All surfaces are wiped down using powerful chemical cleaners.

Waste Disposal

We follow national guidelines for the disposal of waste products, needles and medical supplies, using 'single use' products where possible.

Here at Alpha House Dental Practice we treat patients from all over the country but in particular those residing in Birchington, Margate and Thanet, East Kent.