Dental implants signify a major breakthrough in the world of dentistry. Over the last decade implants have become increasingly popular and many dentists believe they are the most favourable option for replacing missing teeth.

What are implants?

They are small titanium screws that are placed in pre-drilled openings in the jaw bone to substitute the root area of a lost tooth. They are intended to join together with the jaw bone and provide a stable base for tooth restorations to be attached, including dental crowns, dentures and dental bridges.

They are made from titanium to prevent irritation and allergies. Though this is still a relatively new treatment it has already helped millions of people across the globe to successfully restore their smiles.

Advantages of implants

This is an effective solution for people who have missing teeth as it can restore a single tooth, a number of teeth or an entire arch of teeth. Implants last for a number of years and provide excellent levels of smile aesthetics and functionality. They allow you to speak clearly and eat what you like, providing a natural, healthy and attractive smile. Implants also work to lessen bone loss and, when used with dentures, increase bite power and ensure denture stability.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Most people who have missing teeth are suitable candidates for dental implants. In some instances, if there is a lack of dense bone tissue to sustain the implant, we may need to carry out a bone grafting procedure. Dental implants may not be suitable for people who smoke as this slows the body’s natural healing process and increases the risk of implant failure. During a consultation we will discuss all your needs and concerns about implants and your suitability.

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