Oral hygiene is the cornerstone of good oral health for which we offer a comprehensive range of dental hygiene services to protect your mouth and ensure a healthy, radiant smile. Our services are intended to prevent and treat dental health problems, but we also provide advice about healthy eating, giving up smoking, brushing techniques and oral hygiene products.

Our highly trained dental hygienists are friendly and understanding and we use the latest dental treatments and techniques to promote good oral health and provide effective treatment for gum disease.

Gum disease management

Gum disease affects most of us at some point in our lives and can be easily prevented, but it is still the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the UK.

We offer intensive cleaning treatments, scaling and polishing and root planing to treat and manage gum disease. We can also provide advice on giving up smoking, oral hygiene habits and healthy eating. We work closely with our patients to draw up a personalised treatment plan and we are always on hand to offer advice and support.


Sealant is a form of preventative treatment that is applied to the biting surface of the molar teeth to protect them from decay. They work by creating a protective barrier that stops food and bacteria from becoming trapped in the grooves and on the teeth surfaces. The sealant procedure is quick and simple and there is absolutely no pain involved. This is an ideal protective treatment for many of our younger patients and a lot of our patients bring their children in for protective sealants.


Brushing at home is effective for removing plaque but it doesn’t come close to the amazing feeling of visiting a dental hygienist for a deep clean. After a cleaning treatment or a scale and polish your teeth will look glossy and bright and your breath will be fresh and clean. Regular cleaning treatments also help to keep bacteria at bay.

Direct Access Hygienist services are available at Alpha House even if you are not registered with our practice. Please speak to one of our receptionists for further information.

Here at Alpha House Dental Practice we treat patients from all over the country but in particular those residing in Birchington, Margate and Thanet, East Kent.