Crowns are a commonly used type of restoration designed to fit above the entire tooth structure. The main role of a crown, or cap, is to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened as a result of decay, injury or fracture.

About crowns

A crown is used to bolster the strength of a tooth that has been injured through trauma, decay or injury. They are available in different materials including precious metals and porcelain, with many people opting to have crowns made from both ceramic and metal for a combination of aesthetic appeal, durability and strength.

You may need a crown if:

  • You have had a large filling which has weakened your tooth
  • Root canal treatment has been carried out
  • Tooth has been fractured as a result of injury or accident
  • Your tooth is severely decayed
  • You have worn bite surfaces

The procedure

The restoration can only be fitted once the tooth has been prepared. The preparation stage is where decayed tissue is removed from the tooth and tooth shaping is carried out to make room for the crown. We will take an impression for the bespoke design of your crown and fit a temporary crown while we await its manufacture. When your crown is ready we will place it over your tooth and cement it in place once you are ready to go ahead.

Once a crown has been fitted it should last for many years provided that you keep up a good daily oral hygiene routine. A crown cannot become decayed but the area where it joins the natural tooth can, so it is important to brush your crowned tooth in the same way as your other teeth.

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